Friday, January 22, 2010

A myriad of projects

well, it's been a while since I posted. I haven't been quite as busy on hobby stuff as I wanted thanks to the holidays and x-box, but I have been doing somethings. I finally hauled the camera down to the basement "nerdery" last night and squeezed off a few pics of what I've been working on.

Lately, I just haven't been able to throw myself completely into the Ogre project yet. I think this is due to the fact that I have a couple guys partially painted, and getting back into the detail work to make them look nice just doesn't appeal to me. I am slowly progressing on them. On the bright side though, I have sort of started a lot of mini projects, and so that is cool. What I am currently working on is the following:

Magnetizing the bases for my Dark Elves as well as redoing the base of my carnasaur to function as my Hydra. I just am not a big fan of Hydras, I hate the multiple head thing. On the other hand, I'm a HUGE fan of this mondel, and wanted to include it. Putting it on the big base has also helped with my huge problem, namely this guy falling over more than a co-ed at 2:30 am on an icy night in Cedar Falls.

Painting up my new plastic Dark Elf Cold One Knights - something I've wanted to do for a year but just lacked the motivation for. Stuff like this is why I'm kinda glad I haven't jumped full throttle into the OK, as I do want to flesh out my DE's a bit more.

doing test minis for my Space Hulk game - my little brother loves the game, and I want to get us playing with some painted minis. tried priming black, which is a paint. Am also going to try the white prime/red wash plan too. Also, of course, d0ing some small work to the Ogre Iron Guts I started a while back.

Painting up my Malifaux minis. very excited about my Ortega clan, and have begun doing some work on those so I can get them on the battle field soon.

Thats all for now. more pics hopefully in the next week.