Thursday, September 9, 2010

Master of the Hunt - in the lead

well, the crew assembled for our 2nd official game night last night to continue our Sea of Blood campaign.

When we last left off, the heros had conquered two levels of the first duengon. This had gone pretty slow, due to the fact that we were all learning the campaign rules, and so had lots of rules to look up. We've played some Descent Vanilla, but are still fairly newbish to that as well. I figured tonight, we would zip through the last level of the duengon (which I preassembled to save time) and get on with the campaign. The score going into last night was Master of the Hunt 17 - Heros 10.
So, with plans to get the last dungeon done, and get some new stuff (maybe an encounter!) in, we began playing. It did not go quick. After two and half hours, we found ourselves just finishing up with the dungeon (The Hideout). Things did not go well for the heros. The Master of the Hunt (my avatar) and the Master Naga guarding the third level. The heros probably should have cut bait and run, but they stubbornly pressed on and eventually defeated the dungeon. Of course, by that time, The master of the hunt had picked up 16 victory points to their 7, and I increasted my lead to 33 - 17. Not a bad night. The party chose to continue their journey. I got one VP for time passing, and then bought the Darkwind Lt. The party tried to go to the next town, but rolled a sea encounter on the way. Since it was late, and we have NO experience with sea encounters, we agreed to table it until next week. Should be fun.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sea of Blood

First night of the Descent: Sea of Blood campaign went great. It was a bit slow due to us still getting to grips with all the rules, but overall, we had a blast. The game when a bit long, but we did an island assault and got through two levels of dungeon. I played fairly crafty as the Overlord, and that, combined with a tough level 2 dungeon meant we finished the session with a conquest total of 26, with me having 16 and the pathetic heros having 10. I'm pumped for next week!