Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the Painting Table

well, I've been away, but not really. This is always my busiest time of year with the new school year starting, and being a football coach, so I haven't been very active on the blog, but on the bright side, I've been putting what little free time I have into doing some painting. I have tabled my Ogre Army for right now, despite hitting on a pretty sweet skin reciepe for my ogres, in favor of painting some stuff that currently has my fancy. That would be Warmachine and Bloodbowl.
On the Warmachine front, I have begun working on a Khador army (while simulaniously assembling a Cryx Army as well). I have thus far purchased the battle box set, Strakhov, and a Manhunter. I am going to mix up the color scheme a little bit and I think go for a dark blue and light gray, rather than the traditional dark gray and red. I am happy with how it looks to this point, but we'll see. Perhaps the Warhammer enthusist in me, but I want to stamp a little originality on my army...

A very early work in progress.

Onto Bloodbowl. I currently own 2 fields and 4 complete teams, as well as pieces of 3 others. So I am hoping to get my Wednesday night gaming crew playing a season after the Descent campaign. I am not sure if I can make it happen, but I figured to prep for it, I better get my fourth team painted up, so I have begun work on the High Elves. It certainly won't be my best painting job, but I think it will be serviceable for the field when it's all done with.

early days, but coming along....