Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Played my first game of Malifaux this past Wednesday. Well, to say I played a game is a little generous as we mostly just trotted out our models and gave it a shot to familarize ourselves with the rules and mechanics. We didn't play with any strategies or things like that. I took my Ortega gang, and my opponent, my friend Jason, took his proxied Nicodem force. We both sorta trundled forward, and in the end, I blasted him to pieces, taking very little damage myself. I think this has mostly to do with the ease of playing the Oretgas vs Nicodem for beginners. The highlight for me was Papa Loco running into the middle of Nicdems force and blowing up for huge damage on everyone, including himself. Great fun.

The game is really fun, and much different than other things I play. I was very happy to have bought it, and look forward to playing it some more in the near future.