Thursday, June 25, 2009

Under a month left

Ok, the crunch is starting to press in on me. I am making headway, but its going to be a tight run thing. I am pretty sure I can get in all painted with no problems, but basing, movement trays, and that stuff is gonna hurt. Add to that all the wedding stuff I have to do to make that happen the weekend after Battle on Beale and its going to be tight. This is definatly going to be my brother's Christmas and Birthday gift, the only question is, for how many years?

First pic is 2 completed angels that have been based. You've seen them before, but I included them for the bases.

Next up is 2 more angels. I don't know why except to show the chick Dragon Ogre is done, but nees based.

Ok, next up is very, very rough stage of Cav. I almost didn't put these up bcause a) i suck at cav and b) they are so rough, but i wnated you to get the idea, so here you go.

Another shot, this time of 5 Cav memeber unit.

thats all for now. Gotta get back in the basement and paint!!!

ok, the crunch is coming

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pressure mounting...

well, the BoB just keeps getting closer, so I put in some more work, and thought I'd share. I was actually pretty pumped b/c, with a little color advice from Shawn O, I think I got the lion fur nailed down. This is huge as many of the models in the army have lion fur on them, and 10 are actual lions.

first, you build the armies to play, so here's two quick shots from me and Driver's game last Wednesday. This first shot is me contemplating how to utterly destroy Driver's forces...

Clearly, the shot below is Driver after I have carried out said contiplated plan. I beat Driver in another game after this one on Monday, but he learned from his mistakes and smacked me around today (Wednesday).

First, my first real foray into green stuff usage. I think it looks very nice, but fur seems to be pretty easy to do. That does not, however, diminish my pride in this model. I scraped the massive chaos symbol of this dude's back and replaced it with fur.

Next a close-up of the lion fur with highlights. Its a little harsh from this close, but you get the idea.

and the coup de grace, a more "realistic" range from which to view the models. These guys are complete except for the shields and heads to be added. I am very, very happy with the results. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Progress... as the BoB nears

A couple quick picture updates today...

First off we have a little diversion I've been working on when I've had my fill of holy rightousness. This B.A. is going to be another character for my human bloodbowl team. I don't play much bloodbowl [thats an understatement, I've played once in the last 5 years] but its a great game and one I swear I'll get into. I should, I've got the better part of 6 teams, two pitches, and plenty of additional trinkets for it. Anyway, this is the "mighty Zug" model, but I haven't decided who he will be on my UNI Panther's Human Team.

Next up is the female angel I got. She is about 33% done, though her skin is almost complete. She will be proxied as one of the Dragon Ogres. She is off the the right of the base so she can rank up with that massive angel that I've painted already... which you can see in my earlier posts was the first one done. She is chilling next to my warrior priest. Not much done on him other than his weapon has been painted, as well as some skin work you can't see in this photo... ya good.

Close up of the female angel. I am happy with this model b/c the wings are going to be a lot easier to paint the the second angel I did.

Here are my warriors. Cloaks have final highlights... tough to see. ALso, weapons have been painted, and gold has been gone over. Also, I highlighted the black gloves and boots. Lots of small work here, most of which you can't see... I suck.

Here is my first angel, with a completed "tundra" base. Not sold on the base, i bought the stuff as a kit from Gale Force Nine. However, they included one set of brown flock that I think ruined it, so I will be omitting if from the future ones. I think this stuff has potential though, and I"m going to run with it. I will ultimately paint the sides of the base black, b/c I think that looks really good. We shall see.

Thats it. Just a quick pictorial update... hope you liked it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Angelic Warriors

Well, I've made some progress. Here is the W.I.P warriors I have so far. Sticking with the angelic theme, you can see the predominatly gold armor, the blue accents, and the off white cloaks. Still in a bit of a conundrum about what to do with the fur, but I'm working on that. Heads will be added soon, see below. Also, you can see the Warrior Priest who will be running as the BSB with Banner of the Gods. Banner still to be added, probably planted in the ground behind him.

I am hoping to get another 5 done soon. I have ordered human heads to use with the unit, and they should be arriving soon. I also would like to get some basing done, to see how they are going to look. I will try to post some more pics this weekend, assuming i make progress.