Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Progress... as the BoB nears

A couple quick picture updates today...

First off we have a little diversion I've been working on when I've had my fill of holy rightousness. This B.A. is going to be another character for my human bloodbowl team. I don't play much bloodbowl [thats an understatement, I've played once in the last 5 years] but its a great game and one I swear I'll get into. I should, I've got the better part of 6 teams, two pitches, and plenty of additional trinkets for it. Anyway, this is the "mighty Zug" model, but I haven't decided who he will be on my UNI Panther's Human Team.

Next up is the female angel I got. She is about 33% done, though her skin is almost complete. She will be proxied as one of the Dragon Ogres. She is off the the right of the base so she can rank up with that massive angel that I've painted already... which you can see in my earlier posts was the first one done. She is chilling next to my warrior priest. Not much done on him other than his weapon has been painted, as well as some skin work you can't see in this photo... ya good.

Close up of the female angel. I am happy with this model b/c the wings are going to be a lot easier to paint the the second angel I did.

Here are my warriors. Cloaks have final highlights... tough to see. ALso, weapons have been painted, and gold has been gone over. Also, I highlighted the black gloves and boots. Lots of small work here, most of which you can't see... I suck.

Here is my first angel, with a completed "tundra" base. Not sold on the base, i bought the stuff as a kit from Gale Force Nine. However, they included one set of brown flock that I think ruined it, so I will be omitting if from the future ones. I think this stuff has potential though, and I"m going to run with it. I will ultimately paint the sides of the base black, b/c I think that looks really good. We shall see.

Thats it. Just a quick pictorial update... hope you liked it.

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