Thursday, June 25, 2009

Under a month left

Ok, the crunch is starting to press in on me. I am making headway, but its going to be a tight run thing. I am pretty sure I can get in all painted with no problems, but basing, movement trays, and that stuff is gonna hurt. Add to that all the wedding stuff I have to do to make that happen the weekend after Battle on Beale and its going to be tight. This is definatly going to be my brother's Christmas and Birthday gift, the only question is, for how many years?

First pic is 2 completed angels that have been based. You've seen them before, but I included them for the bases.

Next up is 2 more angels. I don't know why except to show the chick Dragon Ogre is done, but nees based.

Ok, next up is very, very rough stage of Cav. I almost didn't put these up bcause a) i suck at cav and b) they are so rough, but i wnated you to get the idea, so here you go.

Another shot, this time of 5 Cav memeber unit.

thats all for now. Gotta get back in the basement and paint!!!

ok, the crunch is coming

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Blair said...

I like the theme you're sticking with in the army. It will look really good once it's complete IMO.

I'm working on my first cav units also, and it's not going so well. So it sounds like our calvary painting skills are similar.