Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Angels Army

My brother and I have schemed up an angel army based on the Warriors of Chaos book. The concept is steller, and I think we have a fun, fairly effective, and thematic army list. The issue is going to be, can my meager modeling and painting skill do this army justice. We shall see... I humbly present, the first photos of the new army. They are very W.I.P. These models actually represent mauraders, but in our army will be termed "the faithful." They are mounted with flails. Comments welcome


Blair said...

I definitely like the idea. You should try and keep this updated, as it would be neat to see all of you WIP :)

Nitz said...

I will do my best. I would like to update it a minimum of once every two weeks, if not sooner. Feel free to harrass me on the e-mail list if I go to long. I could use the prodding.