Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alright, it's been a while, but since my life has slowed down some, I am trying to get back into the painting mode. Currently, I have a couple projects floating around. The first is sort of a side project, and that is bloodbowl. I am doing this as sort of a change-up. I think bloodbowl is a sweet game, and I'm pumped about it coming out for the Xbox 360. Anyway, I have collected a lot of models over the years, and I want to get some more painted up, and it's a nice change up when I get sick of just working on one army or the other. Here you can see a few High Elves I've started on, as well as a new bloodbowl ball I got off ebay. Not super high quality painting, and still very early in the process. Fun to do though.

My second project is revamping my Dark Elves. I found my build to be a little too non-competative. Thus I am revamping my list, and painting up a few things I didn't have before. Additionally, there was some touch-ups from my 6th edition to 7th edition elves I need to do as well, such as finishing my assassin and sorceress, as well as magnatizing my bases. It's sort of hard to get motivated to do the DE. I love them, and love the army, but since most of the army is painted to a standard that is not as good as I can now do, I find that zaps my motivation a bit. That, and I'm really excited to start my newest project, an Ogre Kingdom Army.... the Wutang Clan. Basically this will be an OK army with a loose martial arts theme. I am hoping to sort of stretch myself in terms of both painting and converting with this army. We shall see. Anyway, below is a couple of my Dark Elf upates. I am painting the second sorceress for my army, as well as begining work on my maticore, which will be the mount for my dreadlord. Both as still very much WIP. Comments and suggestions always welcomed!

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