Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Skin that smokewagon...

well, I've finished my latest malifaux figure, Santiago. Santiago, besides being a sweet duel wielding model, is an absolute beast. Well, actually, he's more like the Hulk. He starts out ok, but when you put some shots on him and damage him, he "hulks" out and turns into a bulldozing nightmare for your opponents. Just ask Rasputina. I really love how he plays, and it was nice to get him all painted up. I just need to do his base, but I'm going to base the whole family together at the end. As for my remaining three crew members, Papa Loco is about 75% done. Nino and the Executionar are both in the beginning stages, but I gotta be honest. I am not enjoying painting Nino, he's very weedy, but the Exec is an awesome model. I am loving painting all the skin. Should be fun!

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