Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Modelling updates

well, I've been a bit slammed lately so I'm still putting the finishing touches on the next round in my warmachine "pick a new faction" Tourney. Until I get that up later this week, I thought I'd throw up a few pics of my fledgling Khador Force. I've got 2 'Jacks completely painted, although they still need based. I don't know what I want to do "base-wise" yet, so if you have a thought, drop it in the comments!

Here is an inside and outside shot of the 'Jacks. I am doing a bit of an alternate Khador scheme obviously. Let me know what you think.

Next up is the maneater. He's probably 95% done. Just a couple straps left to do here and there. This was a really, really fun model to paint. Sorry for the poor lighting, but in person, I really think the skin looks very nice on this model.
here is a couple real works in progress. My 2 favorite Khadoran casters, as mentioned previously are Strakhov and the Butcher. So I've been painting up Strakhov, with the Butcher waiting in the wings. Also, I had to make an early purchase on one of my favorite models in the whole range, the Merc Gorman di Wolfe. Not only does he look sweet, he synergizes well with Strakhov. As a side note, I love the model but hate the breathing aparatus, so I cut it off. I like it much better that way.

And a close up of the just the main man himself.

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