Friday, July 8, 2011


It's been a while, which is ironic since I'm suppose to have more free time in the summer. Funny how that works.

Anyway, I should have a couple posts up over the next week, as unlike my blogging, my gaming has been quite active. The first thing I wanted to share with you was my new Deathwatch mini. I've been playing in a small Deathwatch campaign with Maniple (you can now find his blog here: ) since blogger apparently deleted the old one, his two brothers, fellow blogger FJC, and there buddy Thom. This is really my first foray into RPG's, and I'm enjoying playing it in the 40k universe.

When selecting the team, I was hoping to play a Raven Guard Assault Marine, but one of our group had already rolled up an Assault Marine, so I went with my second choice, which had the 2 advantages of being a) completely unique in our group and b) probably as close to my personality as a Space Marine can get. I rolled up a Tactical Marine, and chose to have him go down the leadership path. We spent an afternoon busting out a ton of Space Marine bits and building our men. I then began painting him, and I'd say he's about 80% complete. Special thanks to FJC for making up the sweet base he's on. It definatly takes the model to the next level, or at least it will once I get it fully painted up. To date, my Tactical Marine Brother Octavian has laid waste to Orks, 'Nids, and some nasty Bloodletters. All in a day's work.

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Maniple said...

Too bad we couldn't finish the campaign this summer. We will have to return to the dead city in the wintertime...