Monday, July 11, 2011


Strakhov's best friend...

I meant to get this guy finished up for the Lost Hemisphere Blog "Paint the target" in June, but it just didn't happen. Actually, it kinda did happen but I didn't submit the entry, nor finish the base. Anyway, I did snap a few pics finally, and figured I'd post him up here. He's 99% done with painting, and 25% done with the basing. Basically, one solid hour of work and he'll be ready to coat with a protective Matte coating. Hope you like him.

I have played with him once. I really like how well he jive's with Strakhov, espeically his immunities to corrision, fire, and his ability to see through clouds. I'm not sure how competative my list is, but with Strakov, assault kommandos, Grey lord Tenerian, and Gorman, I am pumping out tons of clouds and gas, and him seeing through it is sweet!!!

As a quick aside, I really like PP's idea to create these Jack kits for their existing plastic warjack kits. It's a really cool idea, and while maybe not always as unique as a Drago or Thunderhead, it certainly allows them to pump out more character jacks, which I think is a good thing. What do you think? Would you rather have more character jacks by using a small upgrade kit on the existing plastic jack frame like Torch, or would you rather have fewer 'Jack upgrades, but have them be totally original sculpts like the Avatar of Menoth?

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