Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Malifaux part 2

Got another Malifaux game in. I took on RPA and his Raspitina gang. He took 'Tina, an big ice golem and 3 of the small ice golum. I was shocked by how good she is at casting, and how potent her ice magic can be. I took Pedita and the whole Oretga contingent. We both drew Assasinate for our main objective, and decided to not play any secondary ones to keep it simple.

RPA deployed in a cluster in the middle of his deployment zone and used his forces to project 'Tina's spells into me. For my part, I split my forces go around the hotel building in the middle of the battle field. I should have played more and cat and mouse with Perdita, but I didn't and ended up getting her shot up by ice magic and killed. I now had to get to 'Tina to get the draw. He contiuned to blast my forces and I lost Papa Loco and Nino while only taking out one of his small golems. However, the game saver for me was Santiago. He got blasted down to four wounds, and began hulking out. He used his improved skills and healing flips to mow down the Arcanist scum and pumped about 16 rounds into Rasputina's body. She didn't get up. It was amazing how good he becomes after being damaged, and his ability to stay on one wound and then healing flip was pretty sweet. He was definatly my MVP.

result - draw

spring break starts next week, and next Thursday we should have a chance to get all the big boys out as it looks like it might be an all day Malifaux fest! I will be sure to have pictures to go with the write-up.

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Ben said...

I picked up the Ortega box last night, and a couple others down here are picking something up as well. Thanks for the write up, it's a little tricky to get a lot of Malifaux information, although I keep hearing how awesome it is.

Ben T.