Thursday, June 24, 2010

A concern of characters

Some of the forums and e-mail groups I am on have expressed a concern about percentages coming back to Warhammer, and how the age of Herohammer may be once again upon us. I don't agree totally with this fear, and here is why.

I can certainly see why people are worried about Herohammer. I remember coming into the game in 5th edition and spending all night with my buddy tooling up a Bret Lord that had a shot of taking down my brother's Slann Mage Priest of Destruction. It was fun to try to counter such an uber hero, but would not have been so much fun in a tournament setting or against a player I didn't know.
That being said, one thing I really like about the percentages system being instituted in 8th Edition Warhammer is the chance to take multiple heroes, and have those heroes in very specific roles. Sure, you can take three Black Orc bosses, but honestly, that's not a ton of points left to kit them out, and this makes them vunerable. What I think will be more fun, and hopefully more likely, is people using those percentages to fit in some cheap characters that provide the army with something very specific. For example, how many engineers did you see an empire player take? I never saw people running then, and for good reason. You had four characters. You had to take a lord (1), you were crazy (or at least very ballsy) not to take 2 mages for magic defense (2), and that left you with 1 choice left. So naturally, it's pretty hard to slide past a captain or a warrior priest. That meant, despite having some cool rules and nice fluff, you just weren't going to see an engineer. There are other examples of such problems through out the army books. My hope is that the new percentages will give rise to characters who are weaker, but more specialized. Consequently, you will have a chance to use and play against a wider variety of builds and characters in a competative environment. Sure it can be abused, but so could the army restrictions from 6th/7th... thus the never ending comp debates.

There are definately some things I am concerned about (from what I have heard) but I am actually excited to give the percentages a try.
Could this old boy be seeing some action in 8th edition? I sure hope so...

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