Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to painting

after a fairly lengthy break, I have once again broken the paints back out and am returning to work. No doubt this is in some part due to the emminent release of 8th Edition Warhammer. I have to admit, I was awful bummed about Warhammer a couple months ago, but since then, I've been pleasently suprised with many of the rules changes, and I am VERY excited to give the new edition a shot. We will see how that goes. My book, as well as my brother from Italy, arrive Friday, so I am hoping to give the game a test run by Sunday at the lastest.

couple quick updates from my painting table. The first is my Ogre Ninja. I primed him a rusty brown, and while I like how that looks with the skin, I am finding hitting all the cracks and crevices a huge pain. I will probably go back to black after this. We shall see.

After that, we a have a couple shots of my Malifaux band, the Ortegas. The Ortegas are coming along fairly nicely. I just have a little more paint to put on the Executionar, as well as finish off the bases. They look better than they do in these pics, as the glue was still drying when I took these. The last bit then is to fix Nino. He's a great model and a powerful piece, but what a pain. He is connected to his base by one little limb, and of course mine broke, so i am trying to deal with that now. Hope to have him done soon.

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