Friday, March 25, 2011

Painting Table update

Thought I'd throw a couple of my models on here that I've been putting the finishing touches on. The first shot is my battle group. I'm not a huge Skorsha fan so I've replaced her with Strakhov, who with the Butcher, are my two favorite casters in Khador. Strakhov is a fantastic sculpt, and I've had a lot of fun putting him together and painting him. I apoloize for the pic quality on all these, as a) I'm a poor photographer, b) I have no light box and c) I took these with my Droid camera b/c I was short on time and it's the easiest way to post them. I really wanted to capture the bases, as that's pretty much what I've touched up and finished since last time.

Next up is a close-up of Strakhov's base. I'm going for a Tundra feel. I don't love them, but i'm fairly happy overall. Any thoughts or suggestions are definatly open.

finally, one of my goals with Warmachine, since it's so many fewer models than Warhammer is to take the time to model up effects for the table top. I don't just want to put a 4" circle on the table to represent rough terrain for the spell "Rift" or put a 3" pringles lid down to represent smoke from Gorman di Wulfe. I want to model that stuff up. I've started out by modeling the effect for rift and a couple wrecked Jack markers. The markers are still pretty rough, but I'm almost done with the rift marker. I was going to paint in between the rocks to look like lave, but I think it's a little more hassle than I want, and I kinda like black, as it looks like deep crevaces. I'm not totally done yet, I want to hit one more highlight, but I'm pretty happy with it so far. Comments welcome
On my table right now is a unit of assualt Kommandos with Flame Thrower UA. Also Gorman is fairly close to being done. I'll hopefully have some pics of those units soon, then it's on to the butcher 2010, which is an absolute beast model! Can't wait.

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