Friday, April 1, 2011

Final 4

Here we are with the next installment of the New Faction Tournament. It's time to finish up our final 4, and set those match-ups. Let's begin...

(3) Circle Orboros vs (11) Cygnar

Classic match-up here of the Cinderella darling versus the highly-ranked powerhouse. Certainly the Cygnarians have to feel fortunate to find themselves into the elite 8, being much maligned coming into the tournament. The Circle on the other hand has cruised to an easy first round victory and is looking to do so again. I hate to cheat you, the avid reader, of the drama, but this isn't going to go well for the men in blue. Coming into the tourny I really wasn't a big fan of Cygnar, probably owing to my alligence to Khador, my preference for up close combat versus ranged attacks, and my disdain for most of the lanky Cygnarian 'Jacks. I was suprised as I dug deeper into the faction though to learn about the variety of play styles they have, as I really, really dig the lightning aspect (Thor FTW) of the faction, and the models that go with them. I'm still not a fan of the jacks, although I'll admit I find the Thunderhead to be really cool. It was upon closer inspection that I also realized how many of the Cygnar casters that I think are generally cool models. So, some cool casters, some fun with lightning, and the fact that I love the concept of the trenchers makes Cygnar a strong contender, but they aren't going to win.

There are really 3 factors that really make this a run-away for Circle. First off, one of my local buddies picked up a pretty serious Cygnar force, and in a small community, variety is key. Second, as much as I like some of the Cygnar models, Circle has a model that outclasses it in ever respect, including my favorite model in the game (TBA later). Finally, I have a strong desire to get a Hordes faction, so a Warmachine army really has to out class a Hordes army to advance by them. Cygnar fails to do this.
Things end for Finn just like they did for Tony Montoya

Winner (3) Circle Orboros

(4) Skorne vs (5) Trolls

This is by far the tightest match of the tournament thus far. Let me give you a little insight into each faction first.

Skorne, visually is probably my second favorite faction from head to toe behind only Khador. there are a few models I don't like, such as the Agoniser, Makeda, and the Basalisks. But overall, it's an army that I think is just super, super cool looking. Their casters are awesome, their warbeasts (Titans and Cyclops) are fantastic, and the units are super cool: who doesn't like them mix of vampires, roman legions, and samauri. It's so great. They also have a heavy close combat lean, which I also like. However, I quickly realized that Skorne, while certainly have a few differences, felt a heck of a lot like the Khador of Hordes, right down to the predominatly red color scheme. The whole purpose of a second faction is to have a little diversity, so this is a huge strike against skorne. Another issue is one of best friends just picked up Skorne for his faction, so again, in a small community like ours, that's a negative for the Skorne.

Trolls... hmm. Where to begin. I started off hating the trolls. I just don't care that much for the giant chins/jowls, and I especially hate the female models. However, much the Ogre Kingdom for GW, as I started to read the fluff, and thought of alternate paint schemes, I began to come around. From what I can read, they are a very fun faction to play, and they are seen as the protaganist in most of the fluff, which is definatly something I can get behind. Furthermore, after looking a little closer on battle college, I discovered how much I aboslutely love their warbeasts. Their are big, they are cool, and they have awesome sculpts. The blitzer and bomber are almost worth owning regardless of whether or not you even play trolls. I don't love a lot of the casters (issue) but I will say that Hoarluk and Madrak are pretty sweet, and I'd put the new sculpt of Madrak on par with the Butchers new scuplt, which to me is just sick. I also enjoy their light warbeats, and while they are close combat oriented, they seem to rely on buffs which provides enough difference from Khador to make it feel like a different style of faction. Consequently, they've been steadily rising in my mind since then, and this catapulted them to their #5 seed.

So in the end, the fact that my buddy has Skorne and that it seems like Skorne is Khador with Fury, are going to tip the scales for Trolls. It's shocking really. At first blush, a few months ago, I would have said Skorne would have been my number 1 choice for a second faction, and Trolls would have been almost dead last (still ahead of the horrible elves of course), but I suppose that's why I'm doing this, to force myself to go in depth a bit, and really look at all the aspecsts of the faction. That being said:
Winner (5) Trolls

so here is the brackets as they sit now. We have our Final Four established, as well as the match-ups. With the 1, 2, 3, and 5 seeds still left, the next rounds promise to be very hard fought. As such, the final three match-ups will each get their own post, and be much more in depth. See you then!

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