Friday, April 15, 2011

Tournment - end in sight

Ok, this is cheap, but I'm a busy guy, so let's cut to the fat. I have four factions left. In their current contests, it might be fairly close, b/c each one of them has strengths I like, and versus each other, they are an equal match. So like in Cryx v Trolls, Trolls have a shot b/c of my strong desire to play a Hordes Faction vs my love of the Cryx models. In the Circle v Mercs, my love of the interchangability of the Mercs is up against the desire to play a Hordes faction, especially one with my favorite caster. These are semi-tough, but honestly, I probably know the winners.

However, when you compare the warmachine factions together, and the Hordes against each other, a curious thing happens. It becomes very clear who the winners would be. In fact, it's not even close. Both winners are clear run aways, so I figured instead of laborious going through each faction, I'd rather just tell you and put the top two into the final. Then I can spend my time and focus debating them. b/c honestly, it's a real toss up. So here's the other match-ups

Cryx v Mercs - easy win for Cryx
Trolls v Circle - easy win for Circle

Thus the true, hard to call final looks like this (1) Crxy vs (3) Circle see ya soon with hopefully a good post!


Ben said...

That's a good final. Two awesome factions!

Chris said...

Hey Nitz - you going to GenCon? If so, we should meet up and do a joint CombatResolution/VirTriumphalis blog recap.