Thursday, March 12, 2009


our little foray into Necromunda appears to be building steam. Mr. Driver has purchased some scenery, Mr. Finke is begining construction on his first foray into gaming, and I have bought and recieved my first "real" gang. Its a gang of House Goliath. I love the minatures, and fluff, so I decided to get them. Unfortunatly, I am reading on the forums they are worst gang due to their skill tables. Oh well, I'm not sure we'll play often enough for me to feel the ill effects of a less potent skill base. Anyway, here is list. I have based their names off of real nordic names from some baby name website, to sorta stick with the massive, weightlifter theme.

Leader - Thor - Chain Ax, Autogun, Bolt Pistol
Heavy - Aksel - Heavy Stubbor
Heavy - Oden - Grenade Launcher, Frag 'nades
Ganger - Torsten - Shotgun, manstopper shells, massive axe
Ganger - Balder - Autogun
Ganger - Bjorn - Autogun
Ganger - Asger - Massive Axe
Juve - Sigfinn - autopistol
Juve - Egil - Laspistol
Juve - Ull - knife
Juve - Hans - knife

I have very little idea of how this will play, but we shall see. The models I ordered came painted to an ok standard, defiantly playable. I am modifying them a small amount, and should have them done this weekend. I will post pics when I have them done.

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