Monday, March 2, 2009


Terror is in intersting rule in Warhammer. Causing all units starting their turn within 6 inches of the bearer to take a panic test can be a huge boon to a side. The infamous terror bomb has been the undoing of many a warhammer general's best laid plans. This is all the more true for armies with low leadership such as Orcs, Skaven, Ogres, and even some Empire builds. In 6th edition, every army strove to have this strategium in their arsenal. Interestingly, the newest books in 7th Edition, which are the consensus "hardest armies around" seem completely uneffected, or at best mildly annoyed by this rule. The Vampire Counts and Deamons ignore the terror bomb while the Dark Elves massive leadership and liberal sprinkling of Fear causes seemed little troubled. What has happened is the terror bomb has become ineffective against the toughest armies around, while still remaining a potential game breaker against the weaker armies. So the question stands, in your tournament army build, how important is it to get a terror causer with high mobility into your roster???

a couple updated pics of the "Faithful" mauraders as well as a couple angel models. The two on the sides will be part of the dragon ogres while the one in the middle will be the deamon prince.


Scooby-Dooby-Douche said...

Nice selection of "big guy" angels there. I know the far left is a reaper model. How about the other two?

Nitz said...

They are all Reaper Models. Reaper has a great selection of angel models. Some finely detailed, some more plain. I appriciate the tip. I am strugglign a bit with wings, but we shall see. The big dog will be our leader. I am also experimenting with magnetic bases with them, which is a dry run for my Wutang Ogre army.